Episode 5: Sea Change

Originally released October 5, 2011

When an unannounced visitor breaks into the quarantined Calgary base, Walzer is caught sharing secret information with the outside. But their new guest, Walzer’s eccentric Russian counterpart Aleksei Chertov (Jean Neftin), may be able to corroborate Yuri’s story.

With time running out before they have to release him to McClellan, Jane and Walzer start to get some answers from Yuri about his home on Mars. But when Canada threatens to turn Yuri over to the Russians, McClellan orders an early end to the quarantine.

Mere hours before Yuri is to be sent to an American prison, Taylor makes a fateful decision that will change the world forever.

Pioneer One is an independent drama series written by Josh Bernhard and directed by Bracey Smith. After raising $6000 to shoot their pilot on Kickstarter in March, 2010, the first episode debuted online on June 16, 2010 and was downloaded 2,000,000 times in two weeks and won Best Drama Pilot at the 2010 New York Television Festival. Over the next several months, fans donated $100,000 to fund the rest of the 6-episode first season, which went on to be nominated for a Webby Award for Best Drama and Best Writing in 2012.

2010 New York Television Festival: Best Drama Pilot

2012 IAWTV Awards: Best Drama Nominee

2012 Webby Awards: Best Drama Nominee

2012 Webby Awards: Best Writing Honoree