Pioneer One is a drama series with a sci-fi bent, made independently and distributed online. We gained some notoriety for being the first ‘TV show’ to be distributed through BitTorrent via

So we’re talking illegal downloading?
No, this is legit and free. It’s also available to stream on most popular video sites (YouTubeblip.tvVimeo)

So wait, this isn’t actually on TV?

Then stop calling it a TV show.

If it’s not on TV then it’s not a TV show.
When was the last time you watched a TV show on actual TV?


What’s it about?
An object falls from the sky and spreads radiation over North America. Homeland Security Agents are dispatched to investigate and contain the damage. What they find will have implications for the entire world.

Okay…what do they find?
Highlight to read: The lone survivor of a lost Soviet mission to Mars and the Cold War tensions he reignites when he returns to Earth.

Sounds ambitious. You guys must have a huge budget.
Actually no, it’s extremely low-budget, funded almost entirely by donations from viewers.

So it’s cheap. It must suck pretty hard.
Sticks and stones…

Seriously, is it actually worth watching?
If you’re looking for breakneck action and glitzy Hollywood polish, you probably won’t be into this show. This is truly “guerrilla television,” kind of a new phenomenon made possible by the web. But there is a story being told here that will reward a viewer who invests in it.

Fine, I’ll bite. How many episodes are there?
There are 6 episodes in the first season.

First season? How much of this show do you plan to do?
It’s a multi-year story that can be “scaled” to whatever format it finds itself a home. But roughly 4-5 seasons in total.

Uh, do you actually think you’re going to be able to pull that off?
Not with that attitude.

And who are you exactly?
Hiya. I’m Josh Bernhard and I wrote and produced the series along with my producing partner Bracey Smith, who directed the episodes.

Hi Josh. Got any links for me?…-one-revisited/…s-evolved/56634…s_n_841976.html

@pioneeronetv on Twitter

We even have a fan site! Complete with a spoiler section! (Never even met this guy, hand on heart.)