The pilot episode of PIONEER ONE was originally released on in June, 2010.

Three years before House of Cards, at a time when YouTube videos still had a 10-minute time limit, the options for releasing longform scripted content on the web were limited., a platform for original content powered by BitTorrent, was our unique solution. VODO allowed us to release full-length episodes to a tech-saavy audience already comfortable watching episodic TV online.

We released the six episodes of our first season on VODO from June, 2010 to December, 2011. As the streaming video ecosystem evolved, we began sharing our episodes on new platforms.

What follows are the viewing statistics from our three primary platforms: VODO, YouTube*, and Vimeo. Pioneer One was also available on the now-defunct platform, but their stats are no longer available.


* Before we launched our official YouTube channel, fans uploaded the episodes split into parts on their own channels. Views on these unofficial sources numbered in the hundreds of thousands. We are only counting views from the official pioneeronetv channel.